How To Be An Entrepreneur | Lal Kumari Pun

How to be an entrepreneur is a short documentary about Lal Kumari Pun from Lekhani, Dhawalagiri. After her success with her agricultural business moreover, she has been able to change the mentality of her whole village. As a result, nowadays everyone goes to her to learn about farming tips and tricks.

Lal Kumari Pun dream is to empower young entrepreneur especially women. She shares that “my daughter came and asked me if she should join the scouts at her school. I always tell my children to follow their dream. You should keep working hard to make it happen, that nobody can stop a determined individual. I believe that women should be more and more empowered in Nepal. For instance, we have a female president in recent days.” Most importantly she hopes women’s rights will gradually take its rightful place in our country.

Her story is an inspiration to many women in rural areas to break the gender discrimination, stereotypes and believes in their own hard work. Therefore, she is a burning example of how one person’s motivation can disrupt traditionally existing negative stereotypes and above all evolve a more positive, equal and inclusive community.

We were there with SAHAS an organization specializing in an agricultural entrepreneur in rural areas of Nepal??.

SAHAS has been directly and indirectly assisting farmers all around Nepal to be an entrepreneur. Do visit the sahasnepal website for their “farm and business” methods.