Joy Source Resort

Joy Source Resort is a comfortable, luxury stays outside of the hectic lifestyle of Kathmandu (27kms from Kathmandu city), overlooking the village of Pharping and panoramic view of the Mt.Everest range in the east. Located at Dakshinkali-09, Lamagaun; the resort is created and run by a community dedicated to the well being of people. With direct employment created for over 20 people from the surrounding community of Pharping and a sizable 32 acres of land, the resort altogether houses organic and animal farms, a tuition-free school, a home for underprivileged children, handicraft training and designer clothes production training for local women of Pharping, and a super-food collection and manufacturing center. 


Visitors can not only enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains but also go for short, easy hikes surrounded by beautiful hilly landscapes. On a clear day, one can also spot Mt. Everest on the far east corner of the range. The whole region of Pharping around the resort is visibly surrounded by more than 20 Buddhist monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism origin, attracting pilgrims of different nationalities. On top of that, locally popular landmarks such as Dakshinkali temple, Manakamana temple, Vajrayogini temple, Lamagaun-Asura cave and Khulekhani Lake offer natural scenery and a taste of rural culture. 

There are three wooden cabins in the resort itself, where each of them is uniquely designed and decorated for added tranquility. The food served in the resort is grown organically in and around the resort. The vegetables especially are grown exclusively in the resort garden along with seasonal fruits for every season.


For visitors who want to make their stay more meaningful by giving back to the community can socialize with the children at the “ Bird’s nest Kids’ Home” by volunteering for a day of teaching at the “Dolphin Magic School”. Funded by an Austrian INGO named “ Friends For Nepal, Himalayan Development Aid”, which provides free tuition for children and the Montessori method of teaching, the school celebrates education and the joy of learning every day.


The resort has been working with local farmers to produce and promote organic food production scene in the village. Along with running the resort, working together with “Friends for Nepal” and garment production, a community of Joy Source is also working in cooperation with the youth collective of the village, providing space for outdoor sports and youth initiated events. Joy Source as a whole, is a commitment towards creating a sustainable community around viable business ventures.