Special Shoe for Diabetic Patients ?

A medical research workshop based on special shoes for Diabetic patients was conducted in Nepal with the collaboration of Plymouth University and supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund. This practical research is aimed towards increasing medical research capacity in the country. The research workshop was the first of its kind in Nepal and was divided into two parts :

1. Training researchers for data collection and survey to keep records for medical use
2. Understanding cases of diabetic and leprotic foot ulceration in Nepal in the first phase, and in the second phase design and manufacture specialized foot pressure distributing shoes and insoles, which are affordable especially in rural areas of Nepal.

Researchers, as well as clinicians, enthusiastically participated in the conference to build a stronger foundation of medical background research and tackle an overlooked issue of foot ulceration leading to amputation. This specialized shoe project is aimed at the rural areas of Nepal where people are seldom aware of wearing protective shoes with their diabetic conditions.

Good Times Nepal is privileged to collaborate in special shoes for Diabetic patients initiative with Mountain Heart Nepal, Prevention of Foot ulcer in Nepal, HECAF – Nepal, Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) | Research Festival 2020 and University of Plymouth.

For more Details: http://mhn.org.np/