Nikesh Timilsina

Stories of human perseverance in films with victories small or big leave us with a positive effect, as it is a universally relatable human emotion of freeing oneself with struggle and success. Relating to characters on a fictional film or a documentary also helps in dissolving societal boundaries, alienation and brings us together regardless of our culture, to a space of mutual understanding.

Good times Nepal is a production house, born out of a desire to collaborate with individuals and groups who are creating a more inclusive society around them.

History has shown multiple times how an individual’s actions backed by clear intentions can become a powerful catalyst in change.
This is why we like to collaborate with humanitarian organizations with passionate people in their ranks, those who are working to bring comfort to places where development is at bare minimum.

Our commitment is to act with them with innovation, with proven as well as unexplored methods, all towards bringing positive changes.