• Good Times Nepal 7:51 am, Wed, 4 September 19

Challenges of Teaching Dalit Students in Nepal

I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood in Mahottari district where most of the children of my age didn’t go to school. They had their obligations for not… […]

  • Good Times Nepal 6:23 am, Wed, 4 September 19

Aarati Shah – My Dream is to be a Doctor

Aarati Shah, 9 yr old from Janakpur of southern Nepal, started her studies 3 years ago at Ram Janaki School in Mahottari district. Aarati’s daily routine left us  perplexed, but… […]

  • Good Times Nepal 6:09 am, Wed, 4 September 19

Are boys and girls going to school as equal in Nepal?

Nepal is the 48th largest country in terms of the population sitting just above 28 million (UN estimate 2019) comprising 52.4% females and 47.6% males. According to the national data… […]

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Success Story of Lal Kumari Pun

Do you see opportunities in hardship? Success Story of Lal Kumari Pun has many ups and downs in her entrepreneur journey. Lal Kumari shares her entrepreneur journey her in own word… […]

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Sano Paila(A Little Step)- Mr.Kanchan Jha

Early Life In early 2006, I was a troubled 23-year old and didn’t know what I wanted from life or where I was going. I guess I was still searching… […]

  • Good Times Nepal 4:04 am, Wed, 4 September 19

My Journey with Drugs – Mr.Ajitam Pandey

I was born in a well-known family in Birgunj (Southern Nepal). We owned a couple of businesses and factories in the area so we were quite well off too. In… […]