Eliminating poverty starts with removing the obstacles to markets and barriers to participation, and offering tools and training for families to succeed.

Joy Source Resort is created and run by a family-community dedicated to the well being of people. Within our community, we are working with local farmers to produce and promote organic food production in the village where we are located. At the same time, we prioritize in providing quality education to children from the local village and also co-operate with the youth collective, providing space for outdoor sports and gathering. 

Joy Source is also lending a hand in creating jobs with an artesan handcraft clothes production. Caring and sharing have built this family beyond boundaries and brought us together to make many dreams true.

HNN is a Membership Based Organization (MBO) of various forms of working poor from both urban and rural areas of the country which is governed by them with the trust and voices of thousands of working poor in a Bottom to Top Structure. HNN has an eleven-member most inclusive and representative Executive Committee headed by President Ms. Sharmila Pariyar which was formed by the representation of various forms of working poor through a democratic election process.

We, these are a few young or young individualists who have set themselves the goal, by a lot of love and enthusiasm, to give a helping hand to the poorest of the world.

Our main task is that we try to stop the land dying by supporting the village structures in close cooperation with the local population to build an intact infrastructure.

Our own travel experiences around Nepal was something that impacted our lives, something that changed our perspective and redefined our personal values. The forest, the mountains, the Yaks, the trees and the river have all taught us a lot of lessons. We have been inspired by the lifestyle of locals living in different remote but rich villages and have experienced the wisdom they possess. Hands-On Institute is an effort to let youth from around the world experience what we experienced!

Consequently, Hands-On Institute – an educational-travel organization that designs and facilitates groups to embark on extraordinary learning and service trips was formed. It’s an ambition to make abroad study trips more meaningful.