People of Dalaa

Sakkarin Seema

Sakkarin Seema, the founder of Klong Toh Lem Academy Foundation faced a challenge of children not coming to the local school often ” The kids were not coming to school much and I asked them what would they like to do instead. To which they replied we wanna play football ⚽️!

Well now we have a football team Klong Toh Lem FC, children happily take their assigned roles like a coach, manager, and captain. They even collect money between them and plan their next investment to buy more equipment for their team. Of course, we work with them to plan accordingly. ”
Sakkarin believes that you can teach management, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship 
? even with a football ⚽️ team. This kind of practical education lasts for a lifetime and manages to do to an extent what schooling does, but for kids who love football, it’s much more fun!

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A non-profit organization in Thailand (Dalaa) has been working in innovative ways to broaden the concept of learning as something which happens continuously throughout life. Dalaa is working with Klong Toh Lem Academy Foundation on Lifelong Learning. A lifetime of learning can keep both the body ? and mind ? in shape. With a conscious approach to understanding the human curiosity, Dalaa elaborates learning as a beautiful way to develop human potential and expression.

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