People of Helambu

Karmu Sherpa

Meet Karmu Sherpa, a local resident of Helambu. She runs her own homestay with enough space for 4-5 people at a time. Rearing cows and growing organic food in her garden, she grows most of the food for her homestay all by herself.

She told us about different kinds of guests who come to her homestay, mostly they come from Kathmandu, some from abroad but everyone loves her Dal Bhat! (Lentils and rice) . She informed us of all the products available at her home in different seasons like potatoes, spinach, radish, apples ? , and kiwi ? ! She also told us about ancient Buddhist practices and historically important places for Buddhism in Helambu.

Karmu had her own experience of the 2015 earthquake. She and all the people of this region were now focused on rebuilding their village and start providing decent services to host guests.

After the earthquake, the Himalayan region of Helambu was immensely affected. People went through several experiences of difficulties and loss.
But over a period of time, 
 Helambu locals are rising up to build a better life for themselves

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The flower ? that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

This flower ? from Helambu resembles the local people there, growing beautifully in a mountain environment full of challenges.

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Phurpa Lama

Phurpa Lama, a local resident of the Helambu region talked to us about rapidly growing Kiwi ? production in her community. Almost every household we saw had a small Kiwi plantation and according to Phurpa, Kiwi fruits from Helambu are getting famous all over the country!

With 2 years of experience in Kiwi farming, her usual harvest now yields about 40-50kg. Happy with her produce, she is now planning to start making wine ? from her Kiwis.

When we asked about her community’s homestay, she commented on it by saying ” Its a good experience for locals like us who rarely leave their villages to communicate with guests and learn what’s new & happening around us “.

Aythos, a non-profit organization with their international and native team started working together with the local people of Helambu to which they responded by doubling their own efforts with a kindred’s appreciation.

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