Homeworkers of Nepal

Meet Hira Saba Maharjan, from Kirtipur ward- 10  where she is working as a handicraft designer along with a group of 7 other women. Homenet, a non-profit organization provided bamboo ? handicraft training and workshops to all the members of this group.

With quality products already at her hand like photo frames, baskets, Nanglos (bamboo trays) and bins, Hira hopes for a better market space for her bamboo designs. Small scale manufacturers like Hira and her group face a lot of challenges in pricing and procuring marketplace for themselves. But we got a strong impression from her as a person who doesn’t give up! That was very inspiring for us. To hear Hira’s and several other people’s stories associated with Homenet, you can watch the short documentary which available below:


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Watch the short documentary on “Homenet (HNN) – An organization for Homeworkers”