Story from the Street

Nishan Pariyar

I used to enjoy spending time with senior people. They were the ones who taught me to smoke and sniff dendrite glue in plastic bags. Everyone in my gang used to sniff dendrite. When you take that, it feels like you can do anything.

I sniffed dendrite once and I thought I saw my friends playing with laser beams. I tried to walk where they were but fell and got a big bump on my head! I enjoyed the street life. It was fun.

My friends used to steal copper and sell it to get money. I joined in too. We used to play around old junk cars and steal copper from them. We got good money by selling it. When the copper had less weight, we would wrap a big rock with the copper and sell it for more money! They only found it later and we would be long gone.

I enjoyed my life in the streets than at home. I followed what others did. But, my father was very disappointed with me. When I was living on the street, he had to hear from a lot of people about me. But, after I joined here in the Voice of Children, he is happy. He feels like his son will do something good in life!

I want to explore the agriculture business. The vegetables in the market are ripened by using a medicine, that’s not good!
I want to become a farmer 
??‍? and produce organic vegetables.

– Nishan Pariyar

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What is your dream?

I aspire to be a Stand-up Comedian ? one day. But, life has not been easy on me.

Once me and my friend, Santosh, were accused of stealing money from a bank. We did not do it. But, the District Superintendent of Police ? was not listening to them. We were both thrashed on the floor full of small pebbles from a height again and again. Santosh could not bear the pain and was lying unconscious. The police got scared and took him to the hospital.

A lady came into our rescue. She said, “These kids have not stolen the money. Why are you hurting them?“. After that, we were left free. I went back home. But, my mother was furious. She did not know if we had stolen the money or not. She thought I did and she started hitting me too.

After the incident, I did not feel like living in Nepal ?? , I did not like anyone here. I left for India. I stayed there for some years and came back.

Now, I stay here and go home once every 2-3 months, meet my friends and family ?‍?‍?‍? and be back. I am soon playing a role in a Nepali comedy-drama series ‘Bhadragol’.

– Khem B.K.

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