Voice of Transgender

What are Gender Fluidity and Gender Spectrums?

We were honestly unaware of the wide dynamics of gender spectrums ourselves before we met the lovely Rukshana. After coming out as a transgender herself, Rukshana Kapali and her team of QYG (Queer Youth Group) are fighting for the rights of the young transgender population in Nepal. ?? Queer Youth Group educated us a lot in just 2 days we spent with them. Learning about gender spectrum awareness from Rukshana and her team was quite enlightening!

According to her, the history of Nepal ?? has records of non-binary gender (Male??‍♂️/Female??‍♀️) individuals in different tribes and cultures.
So, Gender fluidity has existed since the ancient times of Nepal. But the reason for this group to exist in Nepal is because people are not willing to accept the concept of the gender spectrum.
According to Rukshana what people usually say is that “This is something that came to existence with unchecked and uncivilized modernization.” How contradictory is that..?

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Queer Youth Group

Queer Youth Group (QYG) is an affiliation of young activists who identify themselves as “Queer” or any other cultural terms that are not so-called “cis-hetero.”

With passionate work to spread awareness ? and to secure the rights for the non-binary gender communities in Nepal, QYG organizes workshops, meetings, and events as a non-registered group for everyone interested in gender-related questions and issues in Nepal ??.

To learn more about Rukshana, follow her and her team of QYG.

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